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“It’s very meaningful to see people benefit from your actions and to know you made a difference in their lives.”
Leon Hojegian
Rosalie K. Hojegian Memorial Scholarship


In 2004, Leon Hojegian established a scholarship at PCCC in memory of his wife, who had served as academic dean for 25 years before she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. “Rosalie was intimately connected to this College,” said Hojegian. The Rosalie K. Hojegian Memorial Scholarship was created, he said, “to perpetuate her memory and express the gratitude of her family.”

Devoted to education himself, Hojegian, who holds a B.S. degree in science and math and an M.M.S. (Master of Management Science) from Stevens Institute of Technology, became a teacher at the Passaic County Technical Institute after retiring from a career in engineering. A natural at imparting knowledge, he compares teaching to “being on stage all the time.”  Hojegian also volunteers at New York’s Museum of Natural History, giving tours and assisting visitors. “It’s fascinating to be in a place like that,” he remarked. “I’m surrounded by history, and  I meet people from all over the world.”  He even went on fossil digging expeditions to Colorado and Utah.

Hojegian also appreciates that his grandsons Joshua, 8, and William, 4, benefit from the Museum’s vivid educational opportunities. “It’s incredible how much kids can learn,” said the devoted grandfather. He was stunned when Joshua, at age 5, could correctly identify dinosaur fossils by their scientific names. But though the generous benefactor respects the wisdom of the past, he also values the promise of the future, especially when it comes to helping others learn.  In addition to establishing the Rosalie K. Hojegian Memorial Scholarship, Hojegian also supports, through a charitable organization, two orphans in Armenia.

“It’s very meaningful to see people benefit from your actions and to know you made a difference in their lives,” he affirmed.  How does he think Rosalie would have felt about the scholarship that bears her name and has helped so many PCCC students achieve their educational goals?  “She would have been very pleased,” her husband said. “This is right up her alley.”