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Ninth Annual Named Scholarship Breakfast -  June 7, 2016
Thanks to Our Donors and Congratulations to our Scholarship Recipients.

Announcing the Eric and Lindsay Koskinen Scholarship
for New PCCC Students.


Current PCCC Foundation Named Scholarships

Academic Achievement Scholarship

Edward & Virginia Casey Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Steinberg Memorial Scholarship

Eileen Thompson Academic Achievement Scholarship

Emmett & Evelyn Jones Scholarship for the Humanities

ESL Achievement Scholarship

Harry B. Gourley Scholarship

Manuel F. Lagos Scholarship

Marge Hollingsworth Scholarship

Martin & Estelle Rose Memorial Scholarships (2)

PCCC Alumni Association Academic Scholarship

PCCC Theatre Program Scholarship

Professor Emeritus Elaine C. Harrington Scholarship

Professor Michael Calderaro Scholarship

Richard Pirozzi Memorial Scholarships (2)

Robert Sydney Needham Memorial Scholarship

Rosalie K. Hojegian Memorial Scholarship

Sharik Currie Memorial Scholarships (2)


Interested in Creating a Named Scholarship at PCCC?
Click here for details.

Additional Scholarships at PCCC